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Triangle San Clemente
Places To Go Out In Downtown San Clemente

San Clemente's nightlife is centered at the downtown Triangle. It's San Clemente's lineup of 2am bars - a gritty selection of divy sports bars, and one cash-only lounge that sells the cheapest beer by the bottle in San Clemente. Your classic lineup of dive bar activities include pool, foosball, darts, and garage band live music.

Top Bars

Downtown San Clemente has a number of bars and restaurants to choose from including divy hangouts and upscale restaurants.

Dive Bars
Goody's Tavern
Ole's Tavern
Red Fox (cash only)

san clemente oles tavern

Ole's Tavern

A fun divy sports bar and hangout that has pool tables, foosball, lounge style seating, and table tops providing plenty of space to hang out and enjoy a drink with friends. Ole's Tavern is the best place to catch a big game, or UFC fight in downtown San Clemente.

san clemente goody's tavern triangle

Goody's Tavern

A dive bar that often features live music. Goody's is a fun place to hang out and play darts, pool, or catch a game. The bar features a 100-inch projector TV. Happy Hour runs every day of th eweek from noon until 7pm.

san clemente red fox lounge triangle

Red Fox

Cash only dive bar in San Clemente, est. 1955. The Fox has plenty of table top seating and cheap beer to serve the late night crowd in San Clemente. Red Fox has a number of arcade games and semi-outdoor smoking patio. To be honest it's about as divey as it gets, unless you're at Knuckle Heads.

san clemente dukes sports bar


Technically, Dukes isn't part of the San Clemente downtown Triangle, but it's right in the middle. Dukes is a sports bar by day and a club at night. If you like to dance or chill to some good beats, this is your place. They also have a pool table.