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Biking Trails In San Clemente
Road & Mountain Biking

San Clemente offers plenty of places to bike from road trails and beach paths to mountain terrains. San Clemente beach trail is a popular place to walk and bike becuase of it's simple terrain, beautiful views, and easy access to trails. There are plenty of off-road trails to explore including dog park trail, Cristianitos trail, and the beach trail. There are several road paths including the downtown San Clemente Ola Vista route.

Top Trails

  • San Clemente Beach Trail
  • Dog Park Trail
  • Cristianitos North
  • Forster Ridgeline
  • Downtown SC/Ola Vista
  • State Park
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Fun Events In San Clemente

San Clemente hosts many exciting events throughout the year including street festivals, holiday celebrations, parades, and much more. There are also plenty of fun events that happen just minutes from San Clemente. Check out list of the top events in San Clemente and get ready to have fun in Southern California's finest beach city!

Top Eats + Drinks In San Clemente

Explore The Many Great Restaurants & Bars In San Clemente

Hotels In San Clemente

Find the best hotel accommodations in san clemente including hotels near the beach.

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There are plenty of options for your accommodations in San Clemente. Explore everything from hotels near the beach, upscale hotels, economy hotels, and more. San Clemente Guide is powered by Booking.com - your trusted source for booking your next stay.

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