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San Clemente Beach Trail

2.3 Miles of Pristine Coastline With Amazing Views

San Clemente's beach trail offers stunning views of the coastline along the 2.3 mile long trail. Biking, walking, and jogging are top ways to enjoy the dog friendly trail. The trail is accessible from several points, but can most easily be accessed from parking lots at North Beach, San Clemente Pier, or Calafia State Park. Several spots along the trail offer cliff views of the pier and coast.

Distance: 2.3 miles • Time: 1.5 hours • Difficulty: easy • Elevation: flat • Dogs: ok • Bikes: ok

north beach san clemente

North Beach

Start of the trail on the north end of town. Paid lots provide plenty of parking. Stop at Ellie's Table for a coffee or snack.

dije beach san clemente

204s / Dije Court

Surf spot that became popular in the 1950s, named after the rail road mile marker 204. A rocky beach that's less ideal for relaxing.

el portal beach san clemente

El Portal

A rocky beach that is more known for surfing than lounging. The staircase to streets above offers a magnificent view.

mariposa beach san clemente


A sandy beach not far frome pier. Enter at end of the bridge by turning towards the hill and walking through the tunnel underneath.

linda lane beach and park san clemente

Linda Lane

Plenty of parking and a playground make Linda Lane the best family beach in SC. A seating area and garden are great for viewing sunsets.

corto lane san clemente

Corto Lane

Volley ball courts, several fire pits, swings, BBQ grills, and picnic tables make it another great spot for families and groups.

pier san clemente beach trail

San Clemente Pier

Popular for surfing and spending a day at the beach. The Grill offers fast food, treats, and more plus several local spots across the street.

t street beach san clemente beach trail

T Street

One of the best surf breaks in San Clemente. Fast food concessions, restrooms, a shower, and picnic tables make it the ultimate hangout.

riviera beach san clemente trail

Boca Del Canon

Sandy and low key - Riviera offers a great place to relax on soft sand while spending a day at the beach. Just south of T Street past the restrooms.

lost winds beach lausen san clemente trail

Lausen / Lost Winds

The start of the state beach located across rail road tracks marked by the USA flag. Featuring soft sandy beach and several volley ball courts.

riviera beach


Nearing the end of the beach trail, Riviera offers a quieter place to relax at the beach, but features no amenities like restrooms.

Calafia / San Clemente State Beach

The end of the pedestrian trail. Restrooms, ample parking, and concessions make it a great beach spot near State Beach campground.

Trail Amenities

Pet Friendly
Rinsing Showers (T Street, Pier)
Barbecue Grills
Bonfire Pits/Fire Pits
Stairway access from neighborhood streets


1.50/hour (9am to 5pm)

North Beach
Linda Lane
San Clemente State Beach

Restrooms Locations

North Beach
Linda Lane
Boca Del Cannon