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Explore San Clemente's Beautiful Beaches

San Clemente is home to some of the best beaches in Orange County. From famous surf spots to "Endless Summer" hangouts great for a bonfires, San Clemente has several miles of beautiful beaches to explore. Top beaches in San Clemente include Trestles, T-Street, San Clemente State Beach, San Onofre, and Linda Lane.

San Clemente Beaches

2+ Miles Of Beautiful Sandy Beaches & Coastline

north beach san clemente

North Beach

The beginning of the San Clemente beach trailhead, North Beach offers a handfull of amenities including parking, restrooms, fire pits, and more.

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dije court beach san clemente california

Dije Court

A small and quiet beach just a few minutes walk from the start of the San Clemente Beach Trail at North Beach. There is stairway access to the sand. During high-tide this beach is not accessible.

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el portal beach san clemente

El Portal

The third beach along the SC Beach trail that has access to the waterfront via a small stairway underneath the train tracks.

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mariposa beach san clemente california

Mariposa Beach

A small rocky beach located in the middle of the San Clemente Beach Trail. The beach has a good view of the pier and is often quiet becuase of it's rocky sand and lack of amenities.

linda lane beach and park san clemente

Linda Lane

Between the pier and North Beach lies Linda Lane beach and park. This beach offers ample paid parking, seating, a park, and more.

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corto lane beach san clemente

Corto Lane Beach

Just north of the San Clemente Pier, this beach offers plenty to do including volleyball courts, fire pits, and more.

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san clemente pier beach

Beach @ San Clemente Pier

San Clemente Pier is a great place to enjoy the beach. Amenities include concessions, restrooms, lifeguards, parking, and plenty of space to relax on the sand.

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T Street Beach

T Street is one of the best beaches for surfing in San Clemente. It's trademark is the concrete walkway from the neighborhood above. T Street has concessions, restrooms, rinsing stations, and picnic areas.

boca del cannon beach san clemente the hole

Bocal Del Cannon Beach

Just north of T Street, Boca Del Cannon is a quieter beach that offers plenty of space to relax and enjoy a less crowded day in the sun.

lost winds Lasuen beach san clemente california

Lost Winds/Lasuen Beach

Lost Winds, or Lasuen (La-Swen), is located about a mile south of the pier. Lost Winds can be accessed from a long stairway off Calle Lasuen.

riviera beach san clemente california

Riviera Beach

Located between T Street and San Clemente State Beach. A Stairway connects to the neighborhood above. Riviera is a quiet beach location.

montolvo beach san clemente california

Montalvo Beach

Located next to San Clemente State Beach, the beach at Avenida Montolvo is often a quiet place, but can get busy with crowds at SC State Beach.

calafia state beach san clemente

Calafia/San Clemente State Beach

State Beach is known for beach camping and is one of the most popular beach spots in San Clemente. Offering parking, concessions, camping by reservation, and restrooms.

poche beach san clemente

Poche Beach

Located north along the PCH at Camino Capistrano, Poche is known for surfing.

san onofre state beach san clemente california

San Onofre Beach

Home of the best surfing spots in Orange County, San Onofre is home to famous surfing spots like uppers, lowers, churches, and old man's.

San Clemente Beach Map

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